Business Building Tips by Dominic Alessandro

Are you hoping to make a strong six-figure or even a seven-figure income this year? Start by thinking about what it takes to succeed as a financial adviser with high-net-worth clients. Get on board with these 7 Steps and make this a banner year.

Step 1: Specialize in an area where you can differentiate from competitors and develop market dominance. Affluent prospects look for the best in a field when they need advice for solving complex problems. Build your business and your marketing effort around your greatest passions, strengths and expertise in order to create a unique specialization.

Step 2: Understand your market niche. Target the ideal market segment for your business. Without a target market you have no clue about how to make the best use of your resources. If you don’t determine who is ideal for your service you’ll end up spending a lot more money and time for a disappointing result. What’s worse you could end up spending too much time on the clients you don’t want and end up wearing yourself out.

Step 3: Create relationship value. Thank you, Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan for your value creation model. Sullivan’s model includes three critical elements in the value creation process-providing leadership with direction, offering relationship that assures confidence of achieving desired results and demonstrating capability by delivering creative solutions. In order to be successful with high-net-worth clients, trusted advisers must be adept at delivering value as an expert problem solver.

Step 4: Captivate then capture your target market. Captivate your market with a compelling and consistent marketing message. Capture the attention of your market niche by keeping your message focused on what affluent prospects want most.

Step 5: Educate prospects and clients. Savvy consumers want information but they crave wisdom and learning from their trusted advisers today more than ever. This brings huge opportunities to the forefront for street smart advisers. Not only are educated clients more enjoyable, they are more decisive and more profitable.

Step 6: Simplify everything. Affluent clients value simplicity and control. The more advisers can simplify and bottom-line their wealthy client’s personal finances, the more likely they will value the advisory relationship. Trusted advisers must be able to provide clients with enough information to make an informed decision while endeavoring to reduce everything to the simplest terms.

Step 7: Systematize your business. The most important operations in an advisory business to systematize are marketing, sales, customer service delivery and maintaining client loyalty. Systems will save you time, energy and money. Automate everything possible so you can spend more quality face time with your affluent clients.  Dominic Alessandro is best information provider.  To know more about Dominic Alessandro please visits here:-


The Importance of A Dominic Alessandro Chief Financial Officer in Business

Dominic Alessandro is a successful name with an inspiring story. Canada’s highest honor for lifetime achievement award, Order of Canada, winner and international Haratigo Alger award winner has not really had an easy life. Dominic Alessandro today inspires people and preaches to remain curious and ambitious and suggests living with honor with his very personal experiences, for he has had a challenging journey and difficult childhood as well. Born in Molise, Italy in 1947 he was third of the four children in the family and soon when he turned three the family shifted to Montreal Canada.

His father was a laborer and was killed in a construction accident when Dominic Alessandro was only six. Their income was meager as his mother had major language barriers for she could only follow Italian but amongst all this tyranny Dominic Alessandro was always a child too bright and hardworking. His mother took him to Salvation Army thrift school, where he soon enough made friends with the library books and took home as many books as he could for 25 cents. His thirst for knowledge and desire to see the world grew ever since.

Dominic Alessandro was a diligent child who completed his high school at the age of 14 skipping much smartly grade four and six and on the graduation day he acclaimed more or less all the prizes. After graduation he joined an accounting firm namely Coopers and Lybrand, also attended McGill University later in the nights to become a certified accountant, which he became bagging rank 3 in the CPA examination.  He was then sent to Paris for a year and after his return he was offered a position by a client Genstar Limited. After serving for seven years in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia as a director of finance and GM of large marine transportation companies he was relocated to San Francisco as the vice president of Genstar’s construction material group. In 1981, he then left Gentstar and joined Canada’s largest bank Royal Bank of Canada.

Starting his career as an assistant controller within five years he became the CFO and executive VP only at the age of 37 and in 1988 he became the top paid banker of Canada after joining as the CEO of laurentian bank. In 1994 Dominic Alessandro joined as the CEO of Manulife Finance making it the most profitable life insurance company in North America. He started with cross border transactions and merged with John Hancock creating a market capitalization of $44 billion. He is one person that made Canada a largest Public company. Dominic Alessandro is a gem to the world indeed.

Although the previously mentioned tasks are vital to business operations, it’s quite common for founders to give them less priority and focus instead on finding new customers and improving their products and services. However, for a company to grow, it needs to have a sturdy foundation, which is what a good CFO can provide. With today’s erratically fluttering business market, the role of a CFO may prove to be more important than ever. When selecting a CFO, you should keep in mind that hiring a highly qualified CFO can take as long as six months and could potentially demand a basic salary around $150,000 to $250,000 a month. The salary may be seriously expensive, but having a CFO take care of your company’s financial requirements can ensure a potentially problem-free and longstanding business venture for you. To know more about Dominic Alessandro please visit here:-

The Benefits of Good Financial Services Technology With Dominic Alessandro

The Benefits of Good Financial Services Technology With Dominic Alessandro

Dominic Alessandro All financial institutions require the use of banking software and financial service technology. Businesses like banks, investment brokerage companies and other lending institutions all need to have some kind of advanced system in place that has the ability to efficiently and securely manage staff, customer and private information and paperwork. For financial institution to be able to efficiently and securely run their business, the need for financial Services Technology is an essential necessity.

Software solutions for the financial services industry ought to deal with the clerical requirements of distributions of funds, collateral management and maintenance as well as have the ability to maintain records of transactions and private client information. Dominic Alessandro This type of software should be specifically designed for the financial services and banking institution using it. The technology will need to be in place to control trading actions by investor clientele, monitor securities and other related transactions, maintain up to date records of all lending activity including interest rates and terms as well as keep track of all changes that are constantly taking place. Moreover, the system should have the capability of maintain all customers, staff and management information and applicable information.

Financial service technology and banking software is used to create a more efficient business structure and in doing so reduce costs, save time, and improve loan processing quality and speed. Also, the use of this technology allows more efficient tracking of customer data and employee paperwork. Moreover, this type of software has the ability to integrate document links while tracking cash flows in real time. Financial service software creates more security and reduces risk as well as allow for better informed decision making with instantaneous access to records and information.

Large institutions have been using this technology for years by having their systems custom designed for their particular company and type of services. However, the technology is now more prevalent and affordable to all financial institutions alike. The software can be acquired from a number of online sources specializing in Financial service technology and Banking Software. There are more than a few highly regarded companies that will offer a free consultation and evaluation of client operations to determine the software most appropriate for the business.

Computer technology has improved tremendously over the years as well as banking software options. Now programs are designed to integrate securities trading and investment analysis tools as well as loan processing and several other trading applications all from one main service platform. The right type of financial service software ought to lower costs and fully integrate the business in every aspect bringing together departments with simple transitions and automatic information updates.

One of the main elements critical to any efficiently running financial institution is their ability to decrease application processing times, whether it is with new customer applications or new loan applications; it is a necessary part of being a competitive business. Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of technological advancements to reduce their down time, increase the efficiency of interoffice communications and run their companies more smoothly and collaboratively. Nowhere is it more important to have dependable use of advanced technology and software, than solutions focused on the needs of financial services and banking institutions.

Financial service technologyand banking software is used to create a more efficient business structure and in doing so reduce costs, save time, and improve loan processing quality and speed. Also, the use of this technology allows more efficient tracking of customer data and employee paperwork. To know more about Dominic Alessandro please visit here :-

Dominic Alessandro Financial Services Expat

Dominic Alessandro Being an expat can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. The enjoyment of learning and communicating in a new language, meeting and interacting with individuals of different nationalities, for British Expats a climate which includes sunshine and the chance to see different cultures and a way of life are amongst the benefits.

Some things are more difficult including dealing with legal matters in a foreign language, not knowing all the local customs and perhaps being away from your family.

As an expat, some things are just different. In this category of “just difficult” comes financial planning as an expat. There are many more factors that will affect your financial planning and there will be a requirement to allocate your money to different priorities. However, you may be able to save more too? Your pensions will require more planning and you are less likely to be able to rely upon your employer for pension provision.

Here is a list of the elements that make expat financial planning different

Emergency Cash Fund

Regardless of where you live, we all need some cash that is instantly available for emergencies. As an expat however, this fund needs to be higher than if you were in your home country. Inevitably you will be required to make trips back home. Dominic Alessandro A visit to see ailing and infirm relatives is a good example of this requirement. The amount depends on your individual circumstances and a good, independent financial adviser will include this in your financial planning.

Exchange Rate and Currency issues

As soon as you leave your home country and relocate abroad you will need to exchange currency to that of your new country. It is very important that you search for the best deal; many banks are expensive. You should see what specialist currency dealers can offer, they are often the best place to exchange currency.

If you will receive an income from your home country, such as a pension, it will need to be exchanged into the currency of your new country. You are then exposed to fluctuating rates. The impact of a change in exchange rates could leave you without sufficient income. Currencies move quickly and often and so it is easy to be caught “short”. However, some currency companies allow you to “forward book” your currency which means that you can fix the rate of exchange for future transfers, sometimes for up to 1 year in advance.

Similarly, currencies need to be considered for your savings and investments. As a principle, if investments are generating income for you to live the investments should be in the same currency as your expenditure.

Taxation – In more than one country

The tax situation can be, well taxing!! Double taxation agreements between, for example, the UK and Spain, mean you have to be clear about which country will be the controlling country in tax terms and therefore where you will pay your tax? And what about residence and domicile? In your home country these may be different definitions. But overseas, these are often the same. Inheritance tax is calculated differently and it is easy to be caught in two tax regimes.

Retirement Planning

A recent survey found that the largest financial worry for expats is the provision of a big enough pension pot for retirement. If you are planning on retiring in your home country you will need to save sufficient to meet the standard of living in your home country (and currency comes into play again here) for, as an example, the cost of housing which may be greater in your home country than in your new country. If you are going to retire in your new country there are many factors to take into account such as what to do with your pension from home.
Health Care

Many expats state that the health care in Spain is as good as the UK. However, despite this many people return home in later years due to health problems. It is worthwhile looking into the state health care of the country you are moving to and you may need to consider additional health care cover.

International Schooling

With children comes the added responsibility of their education. Not all education systems achieve the same standards. Many countries have different systems for paying for education costs. You may have to pay school fees in order to educate children at an international school. Or you and your children may wish to use a boarding school but this is an expensive option; something I know from personal experience.

Ongoing Advice

To make sure that your expat life is without worry and that your future is taken care of, you should have a financial adviser who will provide you with regular reviews and support. As an expat your circumstances are likely to change more often than if you were in your home country.To know more about Dominic Alessandro please visit here:-

Tips For Right Life Insurance Policy with Dominic Alessandro

Watch television for any amount of time and you will see a commercial for life insurance policies. Dominic Alessandro & Everyone thinks that having life insurance is a great idea but many times consumers don’t know where to begin to even find the policy and then they feel like they probably can’t afford the policy anyway. That is unfortunate because most policies are affordable and though it is one of those things in life that you hope you never need but should it become necessary you will be thankful that it was there.

Understanding a few basics about the type of policies that are available and how to figure out how much of a policy you may need are the most important parts of buying a life insurance policy. Dominic Alessandro Here we will give you an overview of the two types of policies available, whole life and term life, and then give you some information on what to factor in when determining the amount for the policy.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Quite simply put this is the type of policy that covers you from the day the policy is in effect until the last day of the insured’s life. This policy will never cancel now matter what age you are and will be payable even if you live to be 100 years old. You will determine the amount of the policy and that is what your beneficiaries will receive at the time of the insured’s passing. These policies can be a little more expensive then a term life policy because with a whole life policy the company knows that eventually there is going to be a payout.

What is Term Life Insurance?

When you are buying a term life policy you are buying a policy for a specific amount of time. Most couples that have children purchase a policy that would help the survivor spouse raise the children and get them through college without needing to dip into retirement funds or taking out additional loans. These policies can be for as few as 5 years or for as many 30. Once you have reached the end of the policy term you will not receive any payout. These policies are usually cheaper than whole life policies because the insurance company is playing the odds that there is not going to be any payout on the policy.

When calculating how much your policy should cover here is a few things to keep in mind. If you or your spouse were to pass away what bills would the surviving spouse be left with that they could not manage alone? You should add those bills up plus any future bills that you are currently planning for such as college tuitions. To get the total for the policy most people add their mortgage amount, college tuitions, enough to cover any outstanding loans you may have and then add a few years of living expenses so the surviving spouse will not be pressured to work immediately afterwards. When you are figuring out your life insurance policy amounts talk with the insurance agent they will help you buy the correct amount of coverage. To know more about Dominic Alessandro please visit here:-

Dominic Alessandro Financial Services with flexible finance options for investment opportunities

Dominic Alessandro was the President and CEO of Manulife Financial from 1994 to 2009, when he was appointed to the Board of Directors at Suncor Energy, Inc. Mr. D’Alessandro is also a director at CGI Group Inc. and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). In 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper named Mr. Dominic Alessandro to the Advisory Committee on the Public Service of Canada, and in June 2006 appointed him to the North American Free Trade Agreement North American Competitiveness Council. Mr. D’Alessandro is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Working hard to earn your keep in a day to day setting might sometimes seem that you are working for survival. A person’s wages are meant to cover everyday expenses after taking away the savings he is supposed to set aside for the future. Yet due to the fact that we are human and that it is in our nature to never by fully satisfied or content, we end up touching what we have saved up for the supposed future. It is not being implied that we should be deprived of our wants, however our primary source of income should be intended for primary needs too. This is exactly what experts in financial services will most likely reiterate to you.

One advice that could be offered by an agent that offers financial services would be to never depend on your single source of income. Instead, make wise investments to start a second source of income that you can use to spend for your wants. This way, your main income source which is probably your day job, will guarantee that all your needs will be covered, and your wants will be satisfied by your secondary source. Professional advisers will be able to assist you in choosing where to invest your money so that you will be able to gain some extra cash apart from the one you have as a regular job.

Another wise advice would be to budget your earning by securing your savings first and spending what is left of it, instead of spending your salary first, and saving what is left of it. This way, you have your savings prioritized over your expenses. By following this advice, you will be compelled to work with what you have after you have kept your savings safe. The advantage of this would be that you will always have available funds whenever there is an emergency or it’s time to purchase something you have been saving up for.

Hiring an investment advisor will be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your lifetime. They will be able to lead you towards financial stability if ever you are lucky enough to hire one who is both trustworthy and reliable. You will be given more useful advices like the ones mentioned above if you ever choose to take advantage of these services. The most important point here is that you should value your paycheck enough to consider getting professional help in order for you to generate more income for your family and for your future To Know more About Dominic Alessandro please click here:-

Live Life Conveniently With The Right Financial Services Dominic Alessandro

Whether we like it or not, money is what drives almost all our activities in this modern world. Achieving physiologic, safety, security, and esteem needs entails monetary fuel. Earning cash and having a continuous source of income is also what makes the concept of a “stable” life possible. The reason why we study, work, and thrive is for us to have sufficient finances in order to survive in this competitive era. Knowing the different kinds of financial services can assist us in living life conveniently. Kinds of Financial Service The three basic types of monetary services people can avail involves banking, insurance, and investment. Dominic Alessandro A lot of institutions specialize in these areas in order to assist people in their efforts to earn, save, and protect their funds.

The Role of Banking
Banking has been around since ancient times where grain merchants granted loans to farmers and traders. Dominic Alessandro The first banks operated during the Renaissance period where rich cities built secure structures to store jewels and riches of powerful politicians and royal families. Today, banks still function the same way as institutions for storing, borrowing, and lending money. They accept deposits and channel the funds to different capital markets for other purposes. They usually pay a small amount of interest to individuals who trust their funds in their place for safekeeping. Usual transactions involved are those concerning savings, checks, loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

Importance of Insurance
No matter how large your savings accounts are, there is still a possibility that everything you have worked hard for will go down the drain in case some kind of unfortunate event occurs. Insurance plans are the only means to protect people, finances, and assets in cases of accidents, illness, disability, and death. Availing insurances puts you into a contract with a company that promises to shoulder any significant loses that might occur in exchange for a regular monthly payment. There are different kinds of insurances available. The usual ones people avail are those for health, homes, vehicles, and businesses. Uncertainty is what makes insurance important.

We never know what could happen to the things we value most, so we avail of these deals in order to have peace of mind.Gains from Investments are seeds we plant to make our finances grow. One may invest by having business ventures, entering the world of real estate, or learning the trends in stocks and bonds. This often involves a lot of risk because you are not certain whether your cash will grow or not. To be safe, you may always seek the help of a professional investment advisor. To know more about Dominic Alessandro please visit here:-